penny wise:一文惜しみの、小銭を貯める

penny wiseとは、たったの1セント(約1円)でも貯めていき、ゆくゆくはお金持ちになると考えている人=ケチな人を指す表現で、

Penny-wise and pound-foolish.






★ 会話文を読み,質問に対する最も適した答えを下の①~⑤のうちから選びなさい。

Vigo:   What are you grumbling about?
Bronte:   I bought this ballpoint last week at a one-hundred-yen shop, and it’s no good any more.
Vigo:   I’m sorry to hear that, but penny wise and pound foolish, as they say.
Bronte:   What do you mean by that?
Vigo:   (      ).
Bronte:   But other things I get there all seem to be okay. I guess that was simply bad luck.

①  If you buy cheap stuff, you often end up wasting your money
②  The person who arrives first is most likely to get what they want
③  A ballpoint is a pen with a ball at the end that rolls ink onto the paper
④  A penny is one hundredth of a pound, or a coin worth this amount of money
⑤  If someone grumbles, they complain about something in a bad-tempered way