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桜:cherry blossoms
満開:in full bloom, at their peak
花見:cherry blossom viewing (party)
Cherry blossom season


Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
Cherry blossoms are at their peak.
The cherry trees are in full bloom.
The cherry blossoms have fully bloomed.

Cherry blossoms are at their peak in Tokyo.

Cherry blossoms are coming into bloom.

Let's go to see cherry blossoms!
・Japanese cherry trees : Since ancient times, Japanese cherry blossoms have been one of the most beloved of all flowers. During the Heian Period (794-1185), sakura was synonym for hana (flower). The Japanese  Cherry in full bloom will scatter within a week, and the beautiful but fragile nature of the flower fits into the Japanese aethetic. 


春分の日やお彼岸を英語で説明すると?:Vernal Equinox Day, Spring Equinox Day

March 21st is the 'Shunbun no hi', Vernal Equinox Day in Japan. On this day, the sun crosses the equator and the length of night and day becomes equal.



The week with this day in the middle is called 'Higan' (The land across the bank), when Buddhist services are performed for the spirits of their dead ancestors.



People clean the tombs, offer new flowers and incense, and payhomage to their ancestral tombs. They offer Higan dumplings and Botamochi on their household altars.





Shunbun no hi is Vernal Equinox Day, which falls on the 20th or 21st of March. During the week of the equinox, Buddhist temples hold special services and people pay their respects at their ancestors' graves.

成人の日:Coming-of-Age Day



★ The second Monday in January is Coming-of-Age Day or Adult's Day, one of the national holidays, when Japanese people celebrate the coming of age of all the youths who have reached the age of twenty in course of the year preceding it.
★ Ceremonies are held in every city, town and village.

★ Many women who have reached twenty years old attend in gorgeous Kimono called furisode specially prepared for this occasion.


Kakizome(書き初め): The first calligraphy of the year
"Kakizome" is the first calligraphy writing of the New Year. We write auspicious words such as "Kibo" (hope) and "Haru" (spring) on Kakizome with a brush.
Kakizome is to practice calligraphy with Japanese brushes and ink for the first time in the year. It is customary to do it on January second. People enjoy writing their own favorite Chinese characters, words or phrases, facing the lucky direction of the year. Some people write their New Year resolutions. Writing rallies of Japanese calligraphy are held nationwide during the New Year holiday.「書き初めは新年に初めて墨と筆で文字を書くことです。正月2日に行うのが慣例です。その年の吉方(えほう)を向き、好きな漢字や言葉、文字を書くのを楽しみます。新年の目標を書く人もいます。正月休み中には書き初め大会が全国各地で開かれます。」(英語で日本文化を紹介する



★半紙(はんし):Japanese writing paper
★墨(すみ):India ink

『仕事始め』『仕事初め』: The first business day of the new year



★ The first business day of the New Year. Have a good one, guys.

★ Finally the first business day of the new year!  But most people still have today off.

★ January 4th is the first business day of the new year in Japan. A lot of people start back at work.

★ Today's the first business day of the new year.  Let's rock it!

★  I'm back to work from tomorrow 😂😂

★ I'm going to work from tomorrow.


【🥂🍾新年挨拶・メールに使える英語10連発🎊 🎉】

1. Sincere greetings and wishes for your happiness.
2.I wish you a Happy New Year.
「新年明けましておめでとうございます」(I wish付)

3. May the New Year be a happy one for you.

4. Wishing you a happy new year!

5. May the Year 2018 be excellent and totally awesome!

6.I'm very grateful to you for the kindness you showed me last year.

7. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. (Oprah Winfrey)

8. #HNY(Happy New Yearの短縮ハッシュタグ)

9. May all your dreams come true in the New Year!

10. Wishing you all the best in 2018.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous (fruitful) New Year!





★Happy New Yearはいつまで言っていいの?


 Wishing you all the best in 2018! 🥃🥂🍾🎉❤️
Here's wishing you all the best for now and forever too 👍 x
 Wishing you all the best of good Health, Happiness and Prosperity!  🍸🎆🎇💖 
Wishing you all the best in everything! 😀😙🎉🎉🎉🤗

初日の出:The first sunrise of the year, The first dawn of the year



First dawn of the year 🌄🎉

Happy New Year~ 2018 first dawn of the year!! #HNY #newyear #2018 #firstdawn #dawn 

Happy new year! I'm probably gonna stay up all night and witness the first sunrise of the year 🌞


 People believe Toshigami-sama, the god of the year, came with the first dawn, so it was customary for people to join their hands in prayer to ask for well-being for the year at the sight of the first sunrise.

お雑煮(Ozoni): Rice cake and vegetable soup


Ozoni or Zoni is a rice cake and vegetable soup and one of the New Year's dishes. Flavor and ingredients, including meat or fish and all kinds of vegetables, differ according to the region or family. Generally speaking, zoni with square-shaped rice cakes in clear soup is preferred in eaten in eastern Japan, while zoni with round-shaped rice cakes in miso soup is eaten in western Japan.

Zoni is a kind of soup with round or rectangular-shaped rice cakes and vegetables in a broth, which is eaten during the New Year. Originally, zoni was offered to Toshigami-sama, the god of the year, and was believed to have the power to Toshigami-sama.It is said that eating zoni in the New Year is a kind of naorai, a feast after Shinto rituals where people eat and drink what was offered to God.「雑煮」とは、丸形や四角の餅を野菜と一緒にだし汁に入れた吸い物の一種で、正月にいただきます。雑煮の起源は、その年の神、つまり年神様に備えたもので、年神様のパワーを宿していると信じられていました。新年に雑煮を食べることは一種の直会(なおらい)といわれていますが、直会とは、神事が終わった後で神に捧げられた食べ物や酒を頂く酒宴のことです。[日本の年中行事を英語で紹介する事典]



New Year's Day


★ New Year's Day is considered to be the most important annual event in Japan.

★ We exchange New Year's cards called "Nengajo" on New Year's Days.

★ We go to Shinto shrines in our best dress to pray for good luck and happiness for the year.

★ Children are given a gift of money called "Otoshidama".

★ We make our resolutions for the year on New Year's Day.

★ During the first three days, we don't do household chores such as cooking and cleaning.


【Mainichi Weeklyの記事より】


New Year's Day is a very important day for Japanese people. Between January 1st and third, millions of people visit shrines and temples to make wishes for the coming year. Usually, families gather together and eat traditional dishes called "osechi".

カラー改訂版 CD付 日本のことを1分間英語で話してみる


Year of the Dog



干支を英語で表してみましょう!ちなみに、干支はChinese (animal) zodiacといいます!

【子(ね)】mouse (rat)
【丑(うし)】ox (buffalo)
【卯(う)】hare (rabbit)
【巳(み)】serpent (snake) 
【亥(い)】boar (pig)




★ ね・うし・と・う・たつ・み
★ うま・ひ・さ・と・いぬ・い

 ちなみに、1月1日が新年というのは、太陽暦(solar calendar)に基づくものです。お隣の中国や台湾などでは、太陰暦(lunar calendar)に基づいて新年をお祝いするので、新年は1月1日ではありません!(太陰暦のイスラム暦は除く)2018年の新年は、太陰暦(旧正月)は2月16日(金)です!横浜や神戸の中華街では、新年をお祝いする"CHINESE NEW YEAR"を祝う催しものも見られますよ!



フリーアイコン 戌年